navigating in photoshop zooming

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In this lesson, I am going to teach you how to Navigate your way inside Photoshop CC

Zooming In and out on Objects In Photoshop CC

Where to find the zoom ratio: Zoom Ration: upper section of the title

Menu – View – Zoom In Ctrl + (+) on PC or Cmd + (+) on the Mac


Percentage viewable: Zoom Ratio is visible in title tab  

Zoom in extensively by pressing Ctrl + (+) on PC or Cmd + (+) on the Mac to view the squared pixels of the image as you may desire.

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Now to zoom out, you may desire to go to:

Menu – View – Zoom In Ctrl + (-) on PC or Cmd + (-) on the Mac


Viewing in the entire image at a time would require you to go to:
Menu – View – Fit on Screen Ctrl + (0) on PC or Cmd + (0)

Another Option is to go up to the View Tab – then scroll down to 100% or 200%

Menu – View –Ctrl + (1) on PC or Cmd + (1) on the Mac 

You could also access the zoom tool or use the short Cut: Z 

Alt klicking on PC / Option klicking on the MAC will allow you to zoom in or out


Ctrl + Spacebar on PC / Cmd + Spacebar on Mac may allow you to drag and move object around  

Enlarge with 2 fingers on your mouse tab will allow you to Zoom In or Zoom Out